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210 squats in 180 seconds: Former Kabaddi player to take another shot at the Guinness Book Record

Aparna Jayabal P

16th November 2020

Gaikwad all set to etch his name in the Guinness Book of Record. (Source: The Indian Express)

Appasaheb Gaikwad, A native of Supe village in Paithan of Aurangabad, Marathwada is all set to etch his name in the Guinness Book record by performing 210 squats in three minutes on Thursday. According to the Indian Express, Appasaheb Gaikwad has maintained his weight between 68-70 kg for almost 21 years now. The former kabaddi player has been working towards his goal everyday for the past 46 years.

As reported by the Indian Express, Mr Gaikwad quotes, “Even when life was robust and we ate solely bhaakri churaa (millet crumbs), salt and lots of chillies for meals so water might refill abdomen, I bear in mind sticking to the routine of some hundred baithaks (squats)” on finding strength during the hard times. Mr Gaikwad is hoping for a second chance after failing to make it to the records in the year 2018 because his back was found to “not be upright” by the jury while performing squats.

According to News 18, in order to achieve his goal after his failure, Gaikwad tried to mark the record by scientifically placing his feet wider apart to reduce the centre of gravity, which could help him hit the optimum speed to complete the action while keeping the body upright and managing the knee and thigh angles at 90 degrees and keeping the feet flat at all times. Mr Gaikwad even attached a cable to notice and correct the angling of his body while performing the squats which puts immense stress on the hamstring and thighs if the angle is to be maintained. He recalls that his torso curved to around 7 degrees under time pressure last time.

After the scientific training started, Mr Gaikwad went ahead and changed his diet and increased the intake of fish and poultry and worked in order to maximise his oxygen capacity. Mr Gaikwad would aim for 72-74 squats in the first minute, 68-70 in the second and then in the last minute, he would put in all his remaining energy and go for taking as many squats as he can to the best of his ability.

His attempt will be captured by three cameras at a gymnasium hall in Aurangabad and will be witnessed by two advocates and an international gymnastics judge.

(Sources: The Indian Express, News 18)

Edited by: Tanya Jain, Anjali Dinesh

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