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68 is just a Number for Asha Ambade

Malaika U Shenai

18th October 2020

Time and again, we have heard that if we have enough determination and willpower, we can even achieve the unthinkable. To prove this statement right, we have a woman who, despite being considered old in a conventional society, managed to climb the Harihar fort’s treacherous trek in Nashik, Maharashtra. The Harihar fort located in Nashik district, some 40 km away from Nashik city, lies at an altitude of 3,676 ft. from the sea level. It is famous for its narrow, rock-cut steps engraved at an almost 80-degree incline. From the base of the village, the hill on which the fort is built looks rectangular. The edges of the fort are practically vertical. This climb is not for the fainthearted. The fort was built on the triangular prism of rock during the Yadava dynasty. She showed us that age is merely just a number, and we should have a firm resolution.

Asha Ambade (Source: lokmat)

According to The Hindu, the woman identified as Asha Ambade, a 68-year old, trekked through the Harihar fort one-step at a time to reach the top. A video of her climbing the steep stairs to reach her destination has been posted on Twitter, and it went viral in just a couple of hours.

From the video posted on Times of India’s website, you can see that Asha wearing a white saree, was climbing her last few steps to reach the top and was cheered by people and a few capturing her incredible accomplishment on their smartphones. She was greeted at the fort’s entrance. Chants of ‘Shivaji Maharaj ki Jai’ and ‘Jai Bhavani’ could be heard in the background in which there has been a heart-filling outpour of love and respect for Asha. This video got much traction on various social media. With the footage being shared wildly on social media, the netizens praised Asha for her sheer determination and courage.

IFS officer Sudha Ramen is among those who tweeted the video and commented, “At the age of 70 years, with her sheer determination, she made it. Salutes to that willpower. #inspired”. Deputy Director of Maharashtra information Centre, Dayan, and Kamblle wrote, “If there is a will , there’s a way. Look at this 70-year old mountaineer, salute to this mauli.”

Sources: (News18,Times of India,Hindustan Times,Indian express)

Edited by: Ritish

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