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Biden Promises Free Vaccine In The US If Elected

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Prayaag Sengupta

October 27, 2020

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate ensures free Covid-19 vaccinations for all the citizens of America, if he is elected as the President in the November elections as part of the layout of his pandemic response plan before the Presidential polls.

Democratic Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, delivering a speech

(Source: theprint)

Biden in his major policy speech slammed Donald Trump for his policies to fight the pandemic which has claimed more than 220,000 lives and has also left a blistering impact on the country’s economy. Joe Biden also says, of the total number of deaths recorded in the country, a major tally of these deaths could have been prevented according to a new Columbia University study as per ThePrint.

Biden believes that the Covid-19 pandemic overshadows anything that the world has faced in recent times and he emphasises that if he is elected as the President, he would direct the central government to bulk-purchase as many doses of the vaccination as necessary.

“Once we have a safe and effective vaccine, it has to be free to everyone, whether or not you’re insured,” Biden told CNN.

While delivering the speech, Joe Biden also alleged that Trump does not have a plan to battle the coronavirus, and also went on to say that the longer he remains the President, the “more reckless” he would get. Biden plans to put in place a national strategy which would help the country go back to its normal life and deal with the virus better.

“We don’t have to be held prisoner by this administration’s failures. We can choose a different path. We can do what Americans have always done: come together and meet the challenge with grit, compassion and determination,” the former Vice President added, as put in a report by ThePrint. Biden said he will go to each and every governor urging them to make it a mandatory practice of wearing masks in their respective states. Biden plans to mandate wearing of masks at all federal buildings and all inter-state transportation. The Presidential candidate also plans to put forward a national testing plan with a goal to test more people each day as compared to the current rates of tests being undertaken every week.

Joe Biden through his speech stresses on wearing masks and practising social distancing to get over the situation created by the pandemic and if they follow this the Americans can get out of this situation together. “The American people have always given their best to their country in the times of crisis. And this time isn’t any different,” Biden said, as reported by First Post.

Sources: (Deccan Chronicle, The Tribune, ThePrint)

Edited by Shreya Gupta and Aditya Das

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