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Canada will continue to stand up against Chinese Human Rights Abuses says PM Trudeau

Sana Thombre

19th October 2020

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - Ottawa (Reuters), said he would stand up against Hong Kong and Xinjiang human rights abuse and China's "coercive diplomacy" after being criticized by Beijing earlier this week. "We will stand up loudly and clearly for human rights all around the world, whether it is talking about the situation faced by the Uighurs, whether it is talking about the very concerning situation in Hong Kong, whether it's calling out China for its coercive diplomacy," Trudeau said in a news conference.

Canadian Prime Minister (Source: Reuters/Patrick Doyle)

The statements put forth by the Canadian Prime Minister sparked controversy and problems between the diplomatic relationship of China and Canada. China's envoy to Ottawa also warned Trudeau, saying he is jeopardizing 300,000 Canadian passport holders in Hong Kong by giving asylum to the Pro-democracy protesters of Hong Kong.

The diplomatic complications arose when the Chinese national Huawei Chief Financial officer Meng Wenzhou was arrested in Vancouver in 2018 over bank fraud. U.S authorities issued the warrant. Meng claims she is innocent and fighting extradition in the Canadian court.

Beijing detained two Canadian citizens over concerns of national security shortly after the arrest of Meng. They also put a halt to the import of canola seeds. Diplomatic disrupt like this is causing much strain between these two countries.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Prime Minister also conveyed that he does not want to create tension between the two nations and sabotage the current diplomatic relationship.

According to a report by Reuters, Hong Kong protests began in June 2019 over the identity crisis the country was facing. Britain ruled over Hong Kong till 1997 and was later under the agreement of "one country, two systems" with Mainland China, which gave them fundamental rights and abundant restrictions. The protesters withdrew this bill in September, but protesters demanded full democracy and inquiry over police actions.

The agreement mentioned is only valid for 50 years and expires in 2047, without any certainty of what their future holds, Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters have put forth "five demands, not one less" against the government.

(Sources: USnews,Reuters,BBC)

Edited by: Ritish

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