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Covid-19 Recent Developments

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Ishika Arvindani

4th November 2020

India- According to Zee News currently Confirmed Covid 19 cases are 4,60,71,886 in which 3,08,23,597 were discharged and 11,95,418 died Globally. India has 82,67,623 confirmed cases with 76,03,121 Discharged and 1,23,097 deaths.

The Times of India reported a 50 percent decrease in cases from its peak in mid-September, which comes as a sliver of hope, but the world is still fighting a pandemic, and precautions are still necessary. Indian Express reported recently that the festival season had seen a rise in cases in Delhi.

A healthcare worker wearing PPE collecting a swab sample from a man(Source- Indian Express)

Meanwhile, in Karnataka till 2nd November, there were 9,348 positive cases amongst police, of which 8,052 have recovered, while 87 lost their lives. Around eleven percent of the over 80,000 police forces were tested positive.

Dr.PratikshaWaldekar—32 years old pathologist, worked at a private dedicated COVID hospital in Amravati while she was seven months pregnant. Unfortunately, she contracted the virus, and her child was stillborn. Her health declined drastically, and she passed away on 20th September 2020. Such tragic stories put us into perspective as to how the frontline warriors are putting everything at risk.

Dr.Hriday Chauhan, a pediatrician from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, told mid-day in September, "In the past couple of weeks, we have come across cases of young experts dying of COVID-19... We have compiled data of the frontline doctors who have died [during the pandemic] across the country through our networks and media reports. As per our data, Maharashtra was initially reporting the most deaths of health care workers, but now, the number of young professionals' deaths is on the rise in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal".

"We have now realized that these young doctors are coming in direct contact with COVID-19 patients almost daily, which results in virus load. Moreover, in pediatricians, the infants may be carriers of the virus through their asymptomatic parents. Anesthetists and surgeons are working with emergency patients, and in the process of saving lives, they overlook their safety".

The Union health ministry promised vaccination to 3 crore people in India, including healthcare specialists at the frontline in the first phase.Even though the condition is slowly getting better, we still have a long way to go.

(Sources- Times of India, Indian Express, Zee News)

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