DRI seizes cocaine worth 4 crores during Operation Calypso

Pratham Chitlangiya

24th November 2020

Cocaine worth 4 crores seized(Source: Times Now)

In a three-day operation carried out in Mumbai and Udaipur, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has busted an international racket under the name 'Operation Calypso', where the DRI seized 504 grams (worth ₹4 crores) of cocaine.

The drug was smuggled from Trinidad to Mumbai concealed in the bottom of steam pressed irons. 4 have been accused so far in this case. According to the investigation, this gang has smuggled drugs worth over 20 crores (3.30 kg) have been smuggled since August. Due to there being flight restrictions on international travel, narcotics dealers have seemed to be using international courier services. DRI had intercepted this courier much before it went to the narcotics dealer, which led them to a woman who subsequently led them to an African national and his accomplice who were then arrested. During the investigation with these people, they informed the DRI that the mastermind of this racket is a woman, who was 'holidaying' in Udaipur in a 5-star hotel. While speaking to Times Now, the DRI officer said that they then "kept a watch over the hotel whole night and in the morning of November 18, with the assistance of Udaipur Police the woman was apprehended. She was then arrested by DRI and with Magisterial permission, she was brought to Mumbai on transit remand." A team of DRI officials then arrested this woman and brought her to Mumbai for questioning.

"We immediately swung into action, and as expected, during prior verification, the address declared on the courier packet appeared suspicious, thereby suggesting it would be challenging to intercept the Indian recipients of the contraband. We first intercepted the consignment and ascertained the presence of cocaine. After that, we kept discreet watch, and when a woman came to pick up the consignment on November 17, she was apprehended by the team," the officer said. All the cocaine was from the Caribbean Islands, which was initially unknown because usually, the consignment of cocaine comes to India from either from South America or Africa.

(Sources: Mirror Now, Hindustan Times, Times Now)

Edited by: Suditi Jha

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