Karnataka and other states gradually opens up for business as Unlock 4.0 goes into effect

by Rohan Johnson

1st September 2020

Despite constituting 25% of the global tally for coronavirus cases, restrictions imposed as a result of the lockdown will be significantly relaxed as part of the Union Home Ministry’s new set of guidelines ‘Unlock 4.0’ for the month of September. As part of the fourth phase of the government’s phase-wise lockdown reopening, states will no longer be able to impose lockdowns outside containment zones without the Centre’s permission.

Education institutions will remain closed during Unlock 4.0

(Source: India TV News)

These restrictions have been lifted despite the fact that Karnataka is the state with the 4th highest number of COVID-19 cases, tallying at 342k. The state of Karnataka, which had been having between 5,000 and 7,000 cases every day till a few days back has begun reporting 8,000 and 9,000 cases now. Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are showing higher Corona positive rates significantly higher than the national number over various states.

The Karnataka government has issued an order which confirms schools, colleges and any other educational institutions An order issued by the Karnataka government confirmed that schools, colleges, educational and coaching institutions across the state will remain closed without any regular class activity till September 30, while lockdown shall remain in force in containment zones till the same date. However, students from classes 9 to 12 are allowed to visit their school faculty on a voluntary basis for doubt clarification purposes from September 21st.

Social, cultural, academic, religious, entertainment, political functions and other congregations will be permitted with a cap of 100 people, while simultaneously observing strict measures — including mandatory wearing of face masks, social distancing and thermal scanning provisions. Cinema halls, swimming pools and theatres will remain closed, while open-air theatres are to open from Sep 21.

With respect to intra-state movement, the Bengaluru Metro is to resume operations from September 7 in a “graded manner” after a 5-month hiatus, while no restrictions will be imposed on inter-state movement. The 14-day quarantine for people travelling from other states has also been lifted. However, international air travel, other than what is permitted by the MHA, remains suspended.

Sources: TOI, The Indian Express

Edited by Hrishit Roy

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