Excavation uncovers huge cache of sealed Coffins in Saqqara

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Shirin Gupta

29th September 2020

A total of 27 sarcophagi were unearthed by Egyptian Archaeologists that were buried for more than 2500 years in the ancient Egyptian Necropolis of Saqqara.

Experts suggest that coffins remain unopened since the burial (Source: bbc.com)

Earlier this month, around 13 coffins were dug out of a newly discovered well at a sacred site in Saqqara. An additional 14 followed on Monday. Experts suggest that it might be one of the largest excavations of its kind. BBC reported that the sarcophagi have remained unopened since their burial near the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, as said by the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Neveine el-Arif.

Images released by the Ministry show well preserved wooden coffins painted colourfully and decorated ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Other than the coffin, a lot of other smaller artefacts were discovered from the two wells that were excavated. The statement was not released officially, only until Antiquities Minister Khaled Al-Anani visited the site himself.

The archaeologists are still trying to determine the origins of the coffin. Khaled al-Anani mentioned that more of the buried secrets and details would be announced later this month.

According to el-Arif told India Today, the Ministry will go on with the excavations to see if they can find any more coffins and buried artefacts around the site. Al-Anani says, "I think it‘s only the beginning." The Saqqara plateau is the necropolis of the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis. The excavations have been taking place in the nearby areas in recent years, and every year there is a fruitful outcome that has helped the Ministry grow the tourism of the country.

Last year, the excavators were successful in discovering a huge cache of mummified animals, birds, and crocodiles, as well as two mummified lion cubs at the site. Earlier this year, in the month of April, a significant discovery of five limestone sarcophagi and four wooden coffins containing human mummies was made.

It is still not clear as to how many sarcophagi may be found in the well shaft or if there may be any crucial remains that are hidden under them, though the archaeologists hope to find further answers in the excavation process. CNN Style had reported that Saqqara served as the burial ground to the ancient capital city of Egypt, Memphis, for approximately two millennia and hence gives ground to look for more significant possible discoveries.

Further such discoveries could help the researchers in making more observations and conduct studies, which may very well lead to the debunking of many conspiracy theories and bring out truths that have been hidden till date.

(Source: CNN Style, India Today, BBC News)

Edited by Satvik Pandey

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