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Fatality rate at the lowest since March 22

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Prayaag Sengupta

October 27, 2020

India recorded its sharpest decline in the fresh coronavirus cases and daily death figures with 45,148 new infections and 480 fresh fatalities in one day on October 26, 2020 (Monday).

India’s fatality rate goes down for the first time since March.

Source: bloombergquint.com)

The National tally of cases stands at 79.10 lakh while the total number of deaths is 1.19 lakh. This is for the first time in weeks that the fatality figures have gone below 500. The country’s Covid-19 fatality rate has dropped to 1.50 per cent, being the lowest since March 22. The Union Ministry credits the focused efforts of the Centre, states and UTs on effective management of the cases, especially those being treated in the hospitals according to Deccan Chronicle.

The Recovery rate has now reached 90.23 per cent as 59,105 new recoveries were added to the total tally of recoveries in the country in the last 24 hours. This takes the total number of recoveries beyond 71 lakh.

India continues to record a trend of decreasing active cases. The current active cases comprise 8.26 per cent of the total positive cases of the country standing at 6,63,717. This is the lowest number of cases recorded since August 13 when the active cases were 6,53,622 as per Deccan Chronicle.

Technological solutions like mobile applications, have kept in check the high-risk population by continuously observing and thus aiding in early identification and timely clinical treatment and reducing fatalities. Officials thank the frontline workers for their commendable work in managing the population and spreading awareness at various levels according to The Hindu BusinessLine.

The health ministry claims, “India has one of the lowest case fatality rates in the world and is continuously declining”. The Centre has a sharp focus on not only controlling the spread of the disease but to reduce deaths and save lives by providing proper medical and clinical assistance to those critically affected. There are 2,218 Covid dedicated hospitals providing quality medical care presently as per The Hindu BusinessLine.

A unique initiative to build the capacities of ICU doctors in the clinical management of critical patients towards reducing fatalities, e-ICU has been introduced by AIIMS, New Delhi.

Tele/video-consultations are held on Tuesdays and Fridays by the knowledge and domain experts for doctors handling the ICUs in the various state hospitals. The sessions commenced from July 8. 25 tele-sessions have been held till date and 393 institutions across 34 states and UTs have participated in them as per Deccan Chronicle.

Sources: (Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu BusinessLine)

Edited by Shreya Gupta and Aditya Das

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