Fred VanVleet resigns with the Toronto Raptors in 8.5-crore-dollar deal

Namita Trilok Chandra

22nd November 2020

Fred VanVleet in action for the Raptors (Source: Wrex)

TORONTO: Fred VanVleet sat on the side-lines during the 2016 NBA draft where his name was not mentioned even once. However, this undrafted star has now not only won a championship ring with the Toronto Raptors and found a home in the hearts of the fans from the North but also become a free agent worth $10 crores.

When asked about his next move as a free agent while on a podcast with JJ Redick, Fred VanVleet said, "I'm trying to get paid, man, I'm not shy about that. I don't have to tell people that I value winning. Like, just look at my story, do your research, I've never been on a losing team in my entire life. I won a championship, and now it's time to cash out. I'm 26 I'm only four years in, but I feel like I'm on the verge of blossoming even more, with more of a lead role."

Fred VanVleet had several teams looking to make a bid for him, including the Toronto Raptors, the team he won a championship with. Some of the other teams that looked to make a move on Fred VanVleet were the Detroit Pistons, the New York Knicks, and Miami Heat just to name a few. The Toronto Raptors General Manager, Bobby Webster spoke to the public saying it was a top priority that Fred VanVleet was brought back to the North.

On 21 November, news broke that Fred VanVleet had re-signed with his championship-winning team, the Toronto Raptors, extending his contract for another four years and signing a deal worth 8.5 crore dollars. The news not only brought happiness to the players of the franchise but also to the fans of the Toronto Raptors from all over the world.

According to sources, Fred VanVleet has an estimated net worth of one crore dollars and his salary for the upcoming season is still under review.

Fred VanVleet was born on 25 February in the year 1994 in Rockford, Illinois. He lost his father, Fred Manning to a shooting in 1999 and his mother, Susan got remarried to Joe Danforth. He played basketball right from High School, where he was a part of the Auburn High School team and was also a part of the school's first 22 games winning streak.

After graduating from high school, Fred VanVleet received offers from various universities including Colorado State and Kent State. He, however, chose Wichita State and was the MVC Larry Bird Trophy Player for two years and was also an AP- all American Honorable Mention.

Fred VanVleet has a long-time girlfriend, Shontai Neal. The couple has two children together, a son and a daughter.

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Edited by: Aditi Anilkumar

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