French tennis star Benoit Paire played the Hamburg Open despite being tested COVID positive

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Satvik Pandey 30th September 2020

In what turned out to be a huge revelation for the world of global sports, the ace French tennis player, Benoit Paire told the media on Wednesday that he was allowed to play in the ‘Hamburg Open’ in spite of the fact that he was infected by the coronavirus at the time.

Benoit Paire may not be able to play in the French Open (Source: Sportsar)

Sportstar reported that after creating ripples in the US Open, he had been forced to pull out of the Grand Slam that followed the tournament, because of the fact that he had been diagnosed with the COVID-19 disease. It was confirmed that even after he had tested positive, the German authorities, claiming that the infection that he had was ‘not contagious’, allowed him to compete in the Hamburg Open.

Commenting on the situation, he said, “When I arrived, the test came back positive again.” He added that the doctor and the authorities in Germany, whom he consulted after the tests came positive, told him that given the fact that he had completed his quarantine, it was not necessary for him to be tested again, reported ESPN. The reason given was that even if he caught the virus, it would not be contagious. Paire then went on to say that after receiving this consultation, he thanked the doctor and the authorities for clearing him to play and went ahead to compete in the tournament.

He compared the French and German tennis scenes and was quoted by Sportstar saying,In Paris, some are negative, but since the coach tested positive, they cannot play. Here, in Germany, you test positive, and you can still play.” He has also been issued a warning by his doctor, that there were chances as high as fifty per cent that after he would test positive for the virus after he landed in Paris.

The coronavirus has been plaguing sports events all over the world. The sport of tennis also seems to have taken a big hit as news of players withdrawing from tournaments. This is happening as they are being diagnosed with COVID-19 and it has become a frequent phenomenon.

Recently, six players from the French Open’s men’s and women’s qualifying draw had to withdraw their names, due to the fact that they had been in contact with a coach who had been infected by the disease, as reported by Sportstar.

Another big name that would miss out on playing the French Open which starts on Sunday would be Roger Federer, owing to a knee surgery which he underwent in February.

(Sources: Sportstar, First Post, ESPN)

Edited by Meghna Venkatesh

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