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Frontline Worker builds home for Orphan sisters

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Riya Pachauri

3rd November 2020

Karnataka-S. Doreswamy— the Mysuru cop who reconstructed two orphan sisters' house, spoke to AM Plus in an exclusive interview on Tuesday.

The Assistant Sub-Inspector of police has proved to be a warrior on and off the frontline. During these challenging times, he has come out as a savior for the residents of his district. The Officer also earned his people's laudation after he turned to be the guardian angel for two orphan sisters and reconstructed their house in Shiramahalli village.

ASI Doreswamy with his wife and the two Orphan girls(Source- The Better India)

During the interview, he talked about how the emotional the Facebook video of the two orphan sisters living in deteriorated conditions ached his heart. He was so touched by the plight of them struggling to survive during the pandemic that he immediately decided to take some action to improve the situation. "They are just two orphan girls without anyone to look after them," said Doreswamy. He felt an instant connect with the girls and was reluctant to take responsibility for the two.

In no time he arranged for groceries and other rations. His wife Chandrika, as a way of showing her support, accompanied her husband while they went to the neighbouring town of H.D Kote to buy the girls some new clothes. "My family has been pivotal in this situation and has supported me immensely in this decision," said the ASI.

The couple got their dilapidated house reconstructed with a new compound wall, toilets, and all the essentials required by one to live in healthy conditions. He looks at education as a vital element for an individual and thus he chose to take full responsibility for their educational expenses. During these unprecedented times with the Coronavirus changing our lifestyles, online education has become the new normal.He bought the girls mobile phones to make sure that they can adapt to this new normal. He also took care of their tuition fees. His apprehension for the girls and their living conditions is what motivated him into doing this good deed.

When asked about why he did everything that he did, he said, "Death is inevitable. We all have to die at the end, but I feel it is important that you do the good deeds while you are living. We do not take anything back when we die but while you are living, do the good things".

Doreswamy also fought on the frontline during the COVID-19 lockdown. He distributed about 80,000 meals and more than 20,000 masks to the needy. The police department encouraged and praised his untiring efforts for his service and granted him a Letter of Appreciation from the Karnataka Police Department.

The Officer joined the police force with a dream of creating a difference in people's lives. Needleless to say, he has been very successful in fulfilling his dream.

Edited by- Sravanthi Neralla

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