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Hybrid Theory celebrates its 20th anniversary

Tejas Srinivasan

2nd November 2020

Linkin Park’s debut album Hybrid theory celebrated its 20th year anniversary last month. As part of celebration, the band has released unreleased tracks, unseen concert footage and stories of how the band grew over the years and how it reached its peak.

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Hybrid theory is Linkin Park’s debut album which was released in October 2000. The songs for this album were written by the late Chester Bennington who was also the lead vocalist for this band alongside Mike Shinoda. The album’s theme revolved around Chester Bennington- his childhood and teenage trauma. It included themes like drug abuse and divorce. Some of the biggest hits from this album includes songs like In the end, Crawling, One step closer, and Papercut among other hits.

The album is considered to be one of the best albums released by Linkin Park till date because of how accessible it was as a tool to deal with trauma in one's life. The late singer Chester Bennington became an inspirational figure after the release of Hybrid Theory. It has sold over 250 crore copies worldwide making it the largest selling debut album after Guns n Roses'Appetite for destruction.

This year as part of celebration for the 20th year anniversary, the band asked fans to send artwork, pictures, and videos. In August, the band’s website underwent a temporary change to match the early 2000’s theme with a lot of easter eggs on the website. These changes suggested a re-release of the album. Soon after, She wouldn’t, unreleased song from the album was released on August 13th. The 20th anniversary edition included various new tracks, live performances, concert performances, remixes and much more. A digital copy was of all the tracks was also made.

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington had been diagnosed with chronic depression and had died to suicide in 2017. This left fans in shock. His songs and his honesty about relapses made him an inspiration among his fans.

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