ITC’s ‘Voice for Art’ shapes a new narrative against gender discrimination

By Diya Nayak

27th August, 2020

Illustration and Entry for Voice of Art, by Srishti Gupta. (Source: Times of India)

ITC Limited ‘s cosmetic and toiletry brand Vivel has recently launched a campaign called “Voice for Art”, aimed at raising awareness about encouraging women to break gender-based stereotypes and promote non-conformity towards oppressive societal norms, on August 26. The campaign commemorated Gender Equality Day which is celebrated every year on this date, and celebrated the people of the USA receiving a university adult franchise. This campaign was India’s largest collective of young artists working together, expressing the need to discontinue various discriminatory practices like gender stereotyping, and pay gap and promote equality through their artwork.

“Voice of Art” encouraged women to say ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahi’(This time, no compromise) , speak up for themselves and not compromise for their dignity and well being. The campaign also motivates people to speak up against patriarchy and the oppression of women. People were encouraged to challenge prejudice and biases while promoting positive change in all spheres of life. The Campaign gained a lot of attention, and received over 400 entries from all across the country, displaying art which challenged injustices done to women and paved the way for a more equal society.

Statistics revealed during the campaign stated that only about 17% of Indian women are a part of the workforce contributing to the GDP, much lower than the global 37 percent. Sadly, the literacy rate among women is also much lower, at 65%. ITC's initiative seeks to bridge this gap by promoting equality on all fronts through their new campaign, while seeking to inspire women to envision a new reality, that is free of bias and gender-based prejudice through art and expression.

Sameer Satpathy, The Divisional Chief Executive of ITC Ltd. Said that this initiative was aimed at inspiring men and women to raise their voice against patriarchy

This is not the first time Vivel has worked towards promoting gender equality. Their ‘Ab Samjhauta nahi’ campaign also gave rise to an important initiative called ‘Know your rights’ in 2019, which involved over 700 colleges and one lakh students across the country, who empowered more young women by spreading knowledge about women’s rights. 'Vivel V', a brand which stands for Voice for the Vivel Women, has been actively working towards driving Indian women to be the masters of their own fate by educating them about the power of an informed choice, to help them take control of their lives. (Sources- Times of India, Republic World)

Sources: The Times of India, Republic World.

Edited By Sagarika Satapathy.

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