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Mangaluru Dasara Subdued Due To COVID-19 and Strict Guidelines

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Jenisha Jernis

October 26, 2020


Source: Newskarnataka

Mangaluru Dasara in Kudroli temple has been subdued amidst strict COVID rules. The festival celebrations started from 17th October by taking all necessary precautions under the guidance of central supporter and previous Union Minister senior Congress pioneer Janardhana Poojary.

Mangaluru Dasara like the Mangaluru Buns is celebrated everywhere in the world! In any case, Covid19 has quietened the happiness regarding both, first with the lockdown and from that point with the severe rules set up. As indicated by Covid-19 Guidelines, this time the Dasara Festival was praised in a basic manner. Because of the pandemic, the Dasara festivity in 'Kudroli —Gokarnanatheshwara' Temple — prominently known as 'Mangaluru Dasara' has likewise occurred in a straightforward way. The world-celebrated Mangalore Dasara is expected to be regular because of crown. In staying aware of the Government's Guidelines for Covid-19 Control, all game plans were made to celebrate with the motto of ‘Our Dasara - Our Safety Code'.

With the State Government choosing to go in for a straightforward Dasara in Mysuru, the Temple executives Committee of Sri Gokarnanatha Kshethra — where all roads lead to during the festival of the Mangaluru Dasara, under the guidance of its central supporter and previous Union Minister senior Congress pioneer Janardhana Poojary had chosen to hold the Mangaluru Dasara from 17 October 2020 by sticking to government rules/bearings on the pandemic. Typically, a huge number of individuals from different places of the nation assemble here to observe the Dasara festivities, which are next just to the Mysuru Dasara in loftiness. Yet, this year everything is quelled because of measures to curb the pandemic. This will mean no procession of Navadurga icons that framed the highlight of Mangaluru Dasara. No lighting as well. The 5 km course of the parade used to be lit up with astonishing sparkling lights — however this year, we could just observe the streetlamps.

Notwithstanding, the sanctuary premises were made to be lit up to the fundamental street. Consistently a great many individuals over the Dakshina Kannada locale return home and shop during the Navratri celebration, camouflaged as a tiger. This time, nonetheless, Corona has been denied a disguise.

Around 10 artists have taken a shot at the symbols of Navadurga, Goddess Sharada, and Lord Ganesha. All icons were introduced on the principal day of the Dasara celebrations and strict ceremonies held customarily. Over the years during the nine days were seen in full. Social separating and veils were implemented inside the lobbies where the symbols were saved for love. In the sanctuary of the Navratri celebration, a whistling group was permitted to wander. Likewise, just a little gathering of individuals was permitted to wander at the celebration's sanctuary for custom. Up to this point, the symbols were submerged in the early hours on the day after the parade that generally begins around 5 pm on Vijayadashami day. As per the report of Channel U —Padmaraj, the Temple Committee financier said, “we need to keep up the convention, in spite of the difficulties of the Pandemic”.

According to Newskarnataka, Janardhana Poojari has asked the fans to cling to each and every guidance that the sanctuary advisory group gives according to government headings, and help in effectively leading the function. "We will go to the Gods to assist humanity with beating the impactSs of this pandemic. It was the gifts of the directing divinity Lord Gokamanatha and the Navadurgies, that me and my relatives, as of late recouped from Coronavirus".

News Sources: (newskarnataka, udupi channel report, karavali.com)

Edited by Aditya Das and Shreya Gupta

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