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New Bus Trip Lets You Travel from Delhi to London in 70 Days

Aishwarya Sharma

12th September 2020

Adventure Overland’s dream bus can carry up to 20 passengers per journey (Source: The Times of India)

Travel enthusiasts worldwide will be excited to know that they can now travel from India to London via bus, thanks to Adventures Overland. Their dream bus is set to launch in 2021 and offers both singular and round trips.

According to CNN Travel, the duo of Sanjay Madan and Tushar Agarwal came up with the idea of this incredible journey. Agarwal's inspiration was a solo drive that he took in 2010 from Delhi to London. "There are a lot of people, travellers, who want to experience these overland journeys, but they don't want to drive," Agarwal further added in the interview.

Around 20 passengers can use this luxurious service, which will cross 18 countries in 70 days, covering a distance of 20,000 km. The passengers can explore several beautiful destinations—the pagodas of Myanmar, the Great Wall of China, Prague's historic cities, and Moscow.

According to The Times of India, the trip is divided into four major parts, allowing passengers to only choose particular parts as well. These divisions are as follows:

Part 1: covers India, Myanmar, Thailand.

Part 2: covers China's Sichuan and Xinjiang provinces.

Part 3: covers Central Asia's Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russian.

Part 4: covers the European countries of Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and lastly, the United Kingdom.

The Times of India further revealed details regarding the cost, hospitality, and duration of the trip. Other than variations in choice, the trip is said to cost approximately ₹15 lakhs per person. The duration of the trip is measured in four parts: part 1 (11N/12D), part 2 (15N/16D), part 3 (21N/22N), and part 4 (15N/16D).

Adventures Overland will also cover other facilities such as visa approvals, border crossing assistance, local sim cards, English-speaking-guides, and appropriate food and hotel services. However, there will be restrictions on medical expenses, meals, drinks, personal expenses, international/domestic flight fare, or any other losses incurred.

As a plus point, the passengers can choose the starting destination—the UK or India. The journey will initially start from India, but the outward passengers can travel back by Air once the bus reaches London. The bus will continue to move from London with a new group of passengers.

For travellers dreaming of exploring these marvellous destinations, Agarwal advises approaching Adventures Overland with an 'open mind' and 'open heart'.

(Sources: Times of India, CNN Travel, India Today)

Edited by Nayana Dhanya

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