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Resorts: the last resort for relaxation

Chirag Arora 16th November 2020

Vacationing during a global pandemic. (Source: Cynthia DeMarco)

The world has undergone various changes during the last nine months; all of us have had to change our lifestyle in significant ways. After the early months of the worldwide lockdown, a sense of monotony had settled over everyone's lives. The humdrum routine of this now everyday lifestyle had proven to be more than tiresome.

As the dust settled and the post-lockdown period started, people were desperate to get out of their home. Due to COVID still being a significant and impending issue, the usual methods of travelling have gone out of the window.

For the time being, air travel and railways were taken out as the normal mode of travel with their own personal cars of people replacing them as the most preferred means of escaping from their homes.

The pandemic has also forced antsy vacationers to look at spots closer to their homes to avoid any mishaps due to the virus. A new trend has emerged in this post-COVID era of going out to well-sanitised resorts instead of any of the usual older places like some beach or hill towns.

Many resorts, in hopes of keeping their establishment COVID-free, are enforcing appropriate precautionary measures. All the procedures that have to be fulfilled to avoid unnecessary exposure are taken care of by the management allowing for a very relaxing experience for everyone. All the codes, like social distancing between different groups, are taken care of, and everyone's itinerary is planned to the detail.

So if anyone wants a vacation after managing their lives in these tumultuous times, to rest in a stress-free environment and relax without a care, a 'stay-cation' at these resorts could be the best way to enjoy yourself.

Sources: (The Hindustan Times, The Times of India)

Edited by: Sarvani Chavali, Tanya Jain, Anjali Dinesh

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