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Revitalise productivity this pandemic

Khushi Singh 17th November 2020

Keeping the work going (Source: Google)

With a global pandemic looming large over our heads, work from home comes as a new structure to everybody. Along with this newfound trend comes a package of procrastination, laziness, and your boss's increased expectations. If a disturbed sleep cycle, piles of unfinished tasks, and binge-watching are decreasing your productivity, these tips will help you for sure!

Say no to notificationsWhatsapp chimes, Facebook statuses, and Instagram stories are food for every social being nowadays. Switch off your notifications for all social networking apps for a period of two to three hours of your work window and increase gradually with time.

Dress up and show up to your workspace. It is very important and equally difficult to leave our comfortable bed in the morning while at home. However, dressing up in office clothes and having a designated workspace with a table and a chair fosters the urge to work and gives our mind an impression to remain active.

The Promodro technique. This technique is an age-old, foolproof way of boosting productivity. Download the Promodro app from your play store and set a work session for 25mins with a rest period of 5-10 mins post every session. Witness the magic that awaits!

Take frequent breaks. Have lunch with your partner or a friend, if you live alone, watch a show or cook a quick meal. This provides you with a much-needed change after hours of working.

Make a list. Prioritizing the most important and urgent tasks helps one to get rid of a lot of mental stress and anxiety, making the rest of your day relatively smooth.

Exercise is your saviour. All the endorphins and dopamine needs to be released in order to not only stay physically fit during times of immobility but also to ensure mental sanity and peace of mind, which is of primary importance for the functioning of the body and getting any kind of work done.

Set rewards. Nobody says you cannot enjoy your favourite show or meal just because you have work to do. Take full advantage of this lockdown by setting such treats as your rewards for completing tasks of the day.

So get up and get dressed. These tips and tricks are surely helping you to boost your productivity in this pandemic. Not only are these pandemic friendly, but can be used by anyone haggling with productivity issues.

Edited by: Chirag Arora, Tanya Jain, Anjali Dinesh

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