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Science Technology and Innovation Policy aiming to close the gender gap amongst various Institutions

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Vishnu Narayanan

7th November 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered the worst global catastrophe since World War II. This is one of the worst recessions the world economy has ever faced.

In this situation, extraordinary situations do need unique solutions. Despite the economy's distress, the government has launched various comprehensive policies expected to bring out a significant shift in national development.

STIP- 2020 is being launched by the government at a crucial moment.

Science Technology and Innovation Policy (STIP) is looking forward to bring a change amongst different Institutions in India. Several of these Institutions will be graded based on the number of female representation given amongst these Institutions. This is set to bring a dynamic change in the Institutions as well as the society in general, which will also help in adopting innovative solutions to provide sustainable growth and also increase competitive abilities. This will be the 5th STIP of India, formulated at the crucial time when India and the rest of the world are trying to tackle Covid-19.

"We are setting up a framework based on which evaluation will be done. There will need different parameters like how many women are recruited every year, what is total number (of women in an institute), how well they have progressed in their career, what kind of support they get, are there committees to address their grievances, and a whole lot of things that can ensure them a level playing field," said Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary of DST ( Department of Science and Technology).

He mentioned the percentage of women in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is very low. Due to this, DST is also implementing 'Knowledge Involvement in Research Advancement', a Scheme to provide various career opportunities to women scientists and technologists, mainly aimed to bring gender equity in the science and technology sector by including more women talent in the research and development domain through various programmes. "There will be a separate chapter on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the new science Policy", added Sharma.

STIP setting milestones through the government's 'Atma Nirbhar' initiative (Source- Science Planet Forum)

The new national Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy (STIP) 2020 is being finalised. This new policy will help re-energise the economy of the nation. Some of the foundational values of the proposed STIP-2020 are inclusive, expert-driven, bottom-up, decentralised, inclusive, evidence-based, and knowledge-supported. With the aim to collect the input and outreach, six unique national-level initiatives have been launched.

The government claims to achieve the short-term within a span of the next two years, mid-term within 4-5 years, and long-term within 7-9 years as we will be with the youngest population in the globe till 2030's the right time to take advantage of this. The proper framework has to be in place for regulatory bodies. The government is taking initiatives to face the challenges and provide the necessary needs for the policy to take its course and is hopeful for positive results.

(Sources- The Science Policy Forum, MyGov, Financial Express, Drishtiiass)

Edited by- Arjun Rohit Vikraman

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