Tensions rise as India thwarts PLA’s attempt to violate LAC in Chushul

by Diya Nayak

1st September 2020

The conflict on the Indo-China border escalated after Indian troops physically blocked another attempt by China’s People’s Liberation Army to seize Indian territory along the Line of Actual Control, in Ladakh’s Pangong Tso and Spanggur Gap on August 30. The Chinese military movements were foiled by the immediate mobilisation of Indian troops stationed at the nearby Thakung region, at an altitude of almost 15,000 feet.

A Strategic map showing the area of conflict near the Line of Actual Control on the Indo-China Border.

(Source: Project UPSC )

According to Military sources, almost 300 Chinese PLA troops, who were travelling in SUV Convoys were stopped and forced to return after they were halted by an Indian Check post. This transgression was detected using radar and night vision equipment which was installed in the region; However, officials claim that there was no violence during the confrontation.

Military officials stated that if the Indian Army had not undertaken defensive measures, they would have been presented with a case of fait accompli, leaving them no option but to accept the territorial changes brought by the Chinese. The military also claimed that this attempt to enter a region that India considers its territory is another part of China’s strategy to push the LAC westwards.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) released a statement claiming that this advancement, which tried to change status quo and their position in the region, violated an earlier diplomatic agreement which aimed at de-escalating border tensions.

However, The MEA’s Chinese counterpart alleged that Indian troops undermined their integrity and the diplomatic agreement by Illegally crossing LAC in an attempt to violate China’s Sovereignty, and asked Indian Troop to withdraw from the region, despite Chinese troops being spotted with equipment used to set up camps.

A five-hour-long Flag meeting was held at the LAC near Chushul on August 31, to discuss and attempt to reduce escalation in the region. However, the two troops have been locked in a face-off despite multiple rounds of diplomatic talks.

India managed to push back rival troops from the region, while also taking control of an unoccupied strategic height, which would give them an advantage in the region.

Sources: India Today, Times Now

Edited by Sagarika Satapathy

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