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The deadly Typhoon Vamco has 67 dead and 12 missing

Anjali Dinesh 16 November 2020

The submerged lands of the Philippines. (Source: CNN)

Vamco is the deadliest typhoon to hit the Philippines this year, the death toll for which has climbed to 67 with 12 people still missing according to the national disaster management agency, on Sunday.

President Rodrigo Duterte planned to travel toward the northern Tuguegarao area, to survey the circumstance in the Cagayan Valley region. The Cayman Valley Region is intensely overflowed after Typhoon Vamco unloaded downpour over the principal island and the capital Manila. Many areas in Cagayan, which is a rice and corn-producing region of 1.2 million people, remained submerged as of Sunday, according to media reports.

The hefty flooding is likewise brought about by the different impacts of past climate aggravations, alongside water from a dam and higher fields have influenced a huge number of families. Civilians fled to rooftops to escape two-storey high floods as the water kept pooling up. Nearly 26,000 houses were also damaged.

The damage to agricultural commodities due to floods was initially estimated at 1.2 billion pesos around $25 million, while infrastructure damage was estimated at 470 million pesos. Alleviation and salvage tasks proceeded while the close by Magat dam was all the while delivering water.

Vamco, the 21st typhoon to hit the Philippines this year, tore through Luzon late on Wednesday and caused the most noticeably terrible flooding in years. Vamco typhoon is followed by the Super Typhoon Goni, which was the world's most powerful storm this year, which has killed scores of people just a few days earlier.

As the typhoon grows deadlier and stronger, China renews its blue alert due to heavy rains and strong winds. Meteorologists forecast that the typhoon will be moving through Vietnam in the course of the next week. Vamco is conjectured to hit Vietnam on Sunday morning, could pack winds of as much as 150 kilometres for every hour as it moves toward the nation as of now overflowed focal coast. As Vietnam braces for Vamco they have ordered 460,000 to evacuate from the country's central region.

(Source: NDTV News, The Guardian, CNN)

Edited by: Tanya Jain

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