The First Lady’s Former Aide exposes her slanderous actions.

By Diya Nayak

September 2, 2020

Stephanie Wolkoff (Left) and First Lady Melania Trump (right).

(Source: People magazine, CLINT


As election season rolls around in the United States, a new scandal plagued the white house and the Trump Family. However, unlike other times, the scandal brought first Lady Melania Trump under fire, when her former advisor and friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, published her new book 'Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady' and suggested that she had audio recordings of the First Lady that might cost her husband, The President, his re-election.

In her book, Wolkoff provides details about behind the scene experiences with the first lady and provides a biographical sketch of the first lady that portrays her in a bad light. Wolkoff also went ahead to state that she had solid proof for everything that she has claimed in the book, and confirmed that she had recordings of the First Lady, during an interview with MSNBC News.

Wolkoff said that She Could Back up everything on the book with conviction through the audio tapes of her many recorded conversations with the First Lady and went ahead to talk about the Corruption during the Presidential Inauguration of 2017, which drew the attention of federal investigators, due to the alleged claim that Wolfoff’s firm, SWW Creative was paid $26 Million after she was appointed as the executive producer of the ceremony. The book then highlights Melania’s public misconduct during many instances, like the Presidential Visit to the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Centres, and her infamous “I don’t really care, Do You?” jacket controversy during her visit. The book also exposed Melania for using private emails, encrypted chats and private browsers and phones during her stay in the White House, which goes against the White house rules.

Stephanie Winston, who has been friends with the Trumps since 2003, when Melania Trump, (then, Knauss) was a buzzing Model, later went on to become a one-time advisor for the first lady. She was forced to resign from her job at the First Lady’s office after the inauguration ceremony, spending controversies came to light after a New York Times story.

This is not the first instance where members of the Trump Family have been unmasked for their salacious actions. Despite hundreds of allegations against the President and His Family, some as serious as sexual assault and treason, The Trumps never had to face the consequences of their actions publically, Will this time be any different?

(Sources: Forbes, CNN)

Edited by - Hrishit Roy

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