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The Power of Social Media: Baba ka Dhaba Gets New Life

Sanskriti Airon

11th October 2020

Kanta Prasad pulled down his mask from time to time to reveal a toothless smile and tear-filled eyes full of gratitude. Baba ka Dhaba, a tiny metallic blue compartment situated on the roadside in Malviya Nagar in South Delhi. From being empty a few days back to now booming with people waiting in long lines to eat some simple, delicious food made by the 80-year-old Kanta Prasad and his wife, Badaami Devi.

Food blogger Gaurav Wasan, last week, had shared a video of the elderly couple selling home-made food where Kanta Prasad broke down while talking about the hardships being faced by them due to the pandemic as he showed the 50 rupees he had earned that day. 

The video went viral overnight, and #Babakadhaba went trending on Twitter. The next morning, Delhi residents came together as a community to help the elderly couple in need. "By noon, all items on the menu, comprising chapati, rice, mixed vegetable and paneer, all ranging between Rs.10-Rs.15, were sold out", said Azad Hind, Prasad's 27-year-old son as reported by Hindustan Times.

Since the video got viral, the Dhaba has seen news reporters, food bloggers, and representatives of different companies visiting them in huge numbers. Speaking to ANI NewsBaba Ka Dhaba owner said, "It feels like the whole India is with us. Everyone is helping us." Kanta Prasad's wife also said, "There were no customers; we had to return home with food. Now we are happy; it feels like we've many extended families."

The National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) took to Instagram to share a video of their team visiting the couple and pledging "to upgrade their infrastructure and equipment-making them COVID-compliant so that they can continue with their legacy of serving others with a big smile", as reported by The Hindu.

Food delivery app, Zomato, updated that Baba ka Dhaba on their app and their customers can now order food from there. 

Zomato listed Baba ka Dhaba on their app (Source: Twitter)

Tinder, too, joined to show their appreciation and put out a tweet on their official Twitter page, suggesting the people to visit the Dhaba for their next date.

Twitter encourages its community to visit Baba ka Dhaba (Source: Twitter)

Paytm shared, "Baba, keep going strong! India's best wishes are with you." 

Paytm makes it to Baba ka Dhaba too (Source: Twitter)

News Sources: The Hindu, Hindustan Times, LiveMint.

Edited by: Sana Khanam

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