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The Wrestle to the White House

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Ishika Arvindani

5th November 2020

USA- The Indian Express reported that America has to wait for some more time to get the final results for Presidential elections 2020. The battle is neck to neck with Democratic candidate — Joe Biden leading with 72,440,615 making it 50.42 per cent of votes, while Republican candidate —Donald Trump is closely following 47.95 per cent with 68,894,239 votes.

Currently, Biden has 264 projected Electoral College votes and will need six more to win. The Associate Press (AP) reported that the Michigan and Wisconsin results were leaning towards Biden — Arizona, and Nevada also seems to be heading in the same direction. Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia states have Donald Trump in the lead with 214 electoral votes.

Donald Trump (left) Joe Biden (right) (Source- Oneindia)

Biden, in a public statement, said, “I will govern as an American President”. “There will be no red state and blue states when we win. Just the United States of America,” he added.

Trump has also been very confident of his victory and had gone on to declare his decisive victory earlier this week.

The Trump campaign engaged in legal activities requesting a recount in Wisconsin and filing a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia. The event led several supporters and non-supporters to get out on the streets and protest. PTI reported that a lawsuit was filed in Nevada on Thursday, alleging mass level electoral malpractice.

The Hindu reported that a Michigan judge had dismissed the lawsuit by President Donald Trump’s campaign in a dispute over whether Republican challengers have access to absentee ballots' handling. Judge Cynthia Stephens said that the lawsuit had been filed just hours before the last ballots were counted on Wednesday afternoon. She also said the defendant, Secretary of State — Jocelyn Benson, did not control the logistics of local ballot counting and was the wrong person to sue.

According to the Indian Express, the wait to know the results might end by the weekend. The results are very close, and everyone is following along every step as one of the most expensive elections in the US history — with nearly 14 billion spent in the run-up to this election­ — is reaching an end.

(Sources- Indian Express, The Hindu)

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