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Thrissur native makes a multipurpose machine from scraps of old ships and automobiles

Anietta Samuel

12th October 2020

Shaji Menon, a native of Thalore, has developed a machine unit using parts taken from a scrapped ship and old vehicles.

Shaji Menon, with his machine Hi-Tech Deluxe (Source: Mathrabhumi)

Menon had always aspired to be a mechanical engineer, but he had to drop out at 12 years of age due to financial problems. His enthusiasm for machines, however, inspired him to manufacture heavy types of machinery. Shaji had made more than 100 such devices by using scrap and parts from old vehicles and gifted them to his close relatives and friends.

Menon made the device increase proficiency and soothed the job at a plastics company

owned by James at Moscow Nagar in Vallachira, Thrissur. He had been working in the plastic company for the past 11 years, making the handles for plastic brushes. His main intention was to increase the facility for the company he is working for.

The central part of the machine was made out of the scraps from a demolished ship. Oil Filter of bus and lorry, starter of a tempo, parts of cars, and even motorbike handles were used in this machine.

Four damaged motors were repaired and installed on the machine. No parts of this machine are new; the only exception is the TP switch used in it. After use, many parts of the machine can be safely folded away.

"It took me one year to collect the materials for the machine. Within three months, I completed the work. Rs 1.10 lakh was spent on it. Such a multipurpose machine will cost above Rs 10 lakhs in the market. I plan to execute more ideas on this machine," said Menon, as reported in Mathrbhumi.

Shaji is settled in Perumbillissery with his family, including wife Sreekala and son Karthik Krishna. Besides machinery, Menon is also a movie enthusiast and has worked on 16 film projects as a junior artist.

News Sources: Manorama, Mathrbhumi.

Edited by: Sanskriti Airon

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