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Trump downplays virus, calls Covid lockdown ‘unconstitutional’

Muskaan Jindal

17th October 2020

In a Town Hall coordinated by NBC News, Trump, who tested positive for covid earlier this month, said that as president, he cannot remain locked down in his basement and has to interact with people despite the perils of being exposed to the virus.

Trump said, "The fact is that we are winning all these cases because it is unconstitutional what they are doing and I think they are doing it for political reasons. But you cannot let this go on with the lockdowns," responding to a question.

Trump said that the lockdowns were unconstitutional (Source: Variety)

Trump had to briefly halt his re-election campaign till the white house doctors cleared him for resuming election rallies.Earlier, during an election rally, Trump said that he felt like a "superman" after his Covid treatment and declared himself "immune" to the virus, which took the lives of more than 1 million people worldwide. When Trump was asked why he was not wearing a mask, he said, "I can, but people with masks are getting infected all the time. I mean, if you look at the Governor of Virginia, he was known for a mask. If you look at Thom Tillis, a great guy, he always had a mask, and they were infected."

Currently, the U.S. is the worst affected country by the Coronavirus pandemic- with more than eight million active cases and 200,000 deaths.According to a report by NDTV, when asked about herd immunity as a measure to deal with the virus, Trump said the cure could not be as bad as the problem itself, and the U.S. took the right step.

On the sensitive issue of white supremacy, CNN quoted Trump saying, "I condemned White supremacy. I condemned White supremacy for years, but you always start off with the question, you didn't ask Joe Biden whether or not he condemns Antifa," CNN quoted Trump as saying, adding, "I condemned White supremacy. I condemn Antifa, and I condemn these people on the left that are burning down our cities, that are run by Democrats."

Trump also pointed out the surge of covid cases in Europe in the past few weeks. "They have done a very good job, but now you take a look today in the U.K., you take a look at France, Spain, and Italy. There is a tremendous spike," he said.

The U.S. presidential elections are slated to take place on November 3.

(Sources: NDTV, The Hindu, Times of India)

Edited by: Ritish

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