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Vice Chancellor’s suspension breaks record

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Riya Pachouri

31st October 2020

Yogesh Tyagi in his office (Source- Hindustan Times)

Delhi- Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, in his capacity as a visitor, issued an order of suspension for the Vice-Chancellor of Delhi University. This statement comes from the Ministry of Education after a dispute over appointments and administrative lapse, giving rise to an ugly power tussle within the bloc. The order published on 28th October also stated that the president granted permission for the ministry's request to conduct an inquiry against Mr. Tyagi for the allegations of neglecting his duties and lack of devotion and commitment.

According to the ministry’s order, all commissioning announced by the now-suspended varsity‘s Vice-chancellor during his period of absence now stands annulled. The government also appointed Professor Joshi as the acting Vice-Chancellor of the university during the absence of its smooth functioning.

As reported by The Quint, Yogesh Tyagi was appointed in March 2016 and had failed to discharge his duties and responsibilities as a Vice-Chancellor several key positions like Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Controller of Examination, Director of south campus,Finance Officer and Treasurer, Dean of colleges and principal of several colleges have been left vacant for months now.

According to NDTV, the controversy erupted when Tyagi removed Professor Joshi from the position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor and made several appointments without clearance from the Executive Meeting and Selection Committee. The order given by the Ministry of Education stated that “Moreover, on October 21, 2020, just before the Executive Council meeting, Professor Tyagi appointed Professor P.C. Jha as Interim Registrar while remaining in absence. Professor Jha tried to disrupt the ongoing Executive Council meeting. However, as the Executive Council resolved, it was not allowed that Professor Suman Kundu would continue as Director, South Delhi campus, and Acting Registrar till permanent/ duly appointed Registrar joins. Subsequently, Professor Yogesh Tyagi remaining in absence made other appointments, including that of Dr. Geeta Bhatt as Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi”.

The order further claimed that Tyagi attempted to destroy the Executive Meeting and Selection Committee’s smooth synergy by making such corresponding appointments. By making such arbitrary decisions, he created an environment of conflict and uncertainty within the administrative bloc.

(Sources- The Quint, NDTV)

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