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World Poverty Day 2020: UN sets theme as acting together to achieve Social and Environmental Justice

Ishita Jha

14th October 2020

Every year, since 1993 October 17 is celebrated internationally by UN as World Poverty Day. It is a global day to bring issues to light about the need to end worldwide neediness in the entirety of its structures all over the place. The theme for 2020 designed by UN is "Acting together to achieve social and environmental justice for all".

Conditions of poverty in a slum (Source: India Today)

Explaining the background for which this theme on social and environmental justice, UN mentioned on their article, “The growing recognition of the multi-dimensionality of poverty means that these two issues are inseparably intertwined and that social justice cannot be fully realised without aggressively rectifying environmental injustices at the same time”.Every year, in schools, in broad daylight squares, around lobbies and social focuses, at the United Nations, and in the core of towns, normal individuals meet up around the encounters of individuals living in poverty. The day is honoured distinctively in each spot and may include discussions, artistry displays, workshops, stories for youngsters, or melodic exhibitions.

People are living in neediness experience many interrelated and commonly strengthening hardships that keep them from understanding their privileges and propagate their destitution. These include risky work conditions, unsafe lodging, absence of nutritious food, inconsistent admittance to equity, lack of political force, restricted admittance to medical services. In a world described by a remarkable degree of monetary turn of events, mechanical methods, and budgetary assets, many people are living in extraordinary neediness is an ethical shock. Neediness isn't exclusively a financial issue, yet instead, a multidimensional wonder that incorporates the absence of both pay and the essential abilities to live in poise.

October 17 presents a chance to recognise the exertion and battle of individuals living in poverty, a possibility for them to make their interests heard, and a second to perceive that needy individuals are the initial ones to battle against neediness. Cooperation of the helpless themselves has been at the focal point of the day's festival since its earliest reference point. The celebration of October 17 likewise mirrors the readiness of individuals living in neediness to utilise their aptitude to add to the destruction of poverty.

The major festival of the event happened in Paris, France in 1987- 100,000 people gathered on the Human Rights and Liberties Plaza at the Trocadéro to regard losses of dejection, longing, violence, and fear at the noteworthy of a dedicatory stone by Joseph Wresinski- the originator of the International Movement ATD Fourth World. In 1992, four years after Wresinski's passing, the United Nations officially designated October 17 as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

News Sources: Jagran Josh, UN, News 18.

Edited by - Sana Khanam

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